I believe

very strongly in community as the basis of my actions and my decisions. I support my neighbours both as a consumer and as a citizen; Our compassion and empathy, how we treat others and our natural environment, are the true measure of a society. I am pro smart-development. I believe that the most impactful anti-poverty strategy we can invest in is a truly integrated  regional transit system. I advocate very firmly for Accountability, Transparency, and Integrity, within our public institutions and from our public servants – whether elected or employed. I believe in a Better Squamish and that we all can be involved, must be involved, in making that happen, for everyone.

I pride myself

  • On being an academic
  • On my desire to engage all individuals and special interest groups involved in every issue
  • On our community, environment and unbelievable quality of life
  • On living, working, and playing in the corridor

          From an environmental perspective, sustainable growth and development in the face of climate change, and a changing region, are at a critical tipping point.  I see 3 important issues that reflect me and that drive me and my decision making.

1) Community Engagement

–   I am about thoughtful and thorough community engagement with all parties and experts in dealing with all issues.

–  As a needed safety issue one of my first priorities will be a motion for a 30 kph speed limit for all of the downtown Squamish area and certain residential areas.

–  Work closer with local media and social media sources to further inform, engage, educate and help the community and electorate as to what we are up to

2) Affordability

  • Bring in a housing board modeled on concepts that have worked in Whistler tweaked with solutions catered to our unique situation.
  • Prioritize building affordable housing options.
  • Aggressively court small business growth by offering tax incentives to set up shop locally

3)  Environment

  • Plan for future impact and growth by investing in recreation infrastructure
  • Better education from signage to school programs on good environmental practices for example : Waste disposal, fire prevention, and wildlife management

I believe

the first step to addressing these region-wide issues is through the creation of a cohesive, comprehensive, inter-municipal regional transit system. By enabling people to move freely within the region, access to a broader – and better –  range of employment opportunities becomes viable. As well, this expands the options for housing while simultaneously increasing access to essential services, such as mental health and addictions supports.

Public health, affordable housing, social services, health care, homelessness, the opioid overdose death rate, are all regional issues which demand a regional response to ensure no one is left behind – regardless of the community in which they live. I support real solutions to these problems are all possible with strong leadership, communication and cooperation.

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