Who am I?

My name is Phil Audet.  I have lived in Squamish for the last 16 years.  I have a Bsc. in computer science from University of Calgary.

I have worked for several years in my field and for an addition 5 years as a land surveyor.  I currently work as a taxi driver in Squamish

I feel this position gives me a “finger on the pulse” of our community.  I have also worked for over 15 years in the forestry industry as a treeplanter,

foreman, and surveyor.  I work, live and play in our community.

What do I bring to the table?

  • Open mind and the strong desire to bring thoughtful and thorough consultation with industry experts, special interest groups and individuals
  • An open door policy as my priority.  I will be available to any and all who wish to engage.
  • A voice for the average Squamish resident.  One that truly understands the struggle.

What will I do for the Region?

  •  Aggressively court the Translink connection.

  •   Focus on safety,  such as better lit and connected trail systems.  Lower speed limit to 30 km/hour in downtown and certain residential areas.
  • Make affordability and livability a priority any way possible starting with a blanket tax on short term rentals.